A Woman Almost Died in Her Burning House Because of Verizon's Dropped 911 Calls

Verizon recently dropped over 10,000 911 calls because of a blizzard in Maryland. One of those dropped calls ended with a woman almost dying and her home burning down.


It's amazing that the woman made it out alive. Carmela D'Antuono, a 94-year-old woman, had fallen down her stairs during the blizzard and was trapped inside her burning home. It wasn't until neighbors felt the heat of the fire that they tried to find help. Unfortunately, they were all using Verizon phones to call, which obviously couldn't get through to 911 (landlines were out because of the blizzard). The neighbors had to shovel snow out of the way, run in the house and save the woman themselves.

The police and fire department didn't arrive until half an hour later, which would've changed the happy ending of this story. Thankfully, an unfortunate situation, such as this one, brought out the heroism in everyday people. And hopefully more resources will be dedicated by the networks to prevent situations like this from happening again. [MyFoxDC via BGR]

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