Acer Ferrari F20 Display: Going Fast While Sitting Still

As Ferrari continues its indiscriminate branding campaign, one has to wonder if the next Ferrari-branded object will be a matched set of kitchen sponges. The latest item to bear the Ferrari badge is this 20-inch Ferrari F20 LCD monitor from Acer. Tom's Hardware tested the $549 monitor and lauded its high-quality design and finish, but didn't care much for its Ferrari logo which they described as
a little cheap-looking.
Its specs and performance were average, with its unusual 1680x1050 resolution (making it a true 16:9 panel) delivering a brightness of 300 nits, 800:1 contrast ratio and a quoted 16ms latency that Tom
s measured as slower than that. That's certainly not the equivalent of that under four-second zero-to-60 time of the 483-hp Ferrari F430, and that brings up the one nit we have to pick: if it doesn
t offer the ultimate in performance, why call it a Ferrari?

Is the Acer F20 the Ferrari of LCD Monitors? [Tom
s Hardware]


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