Acer Joins the Android Party: One Handset for 2009, But Probably No Netbooks

Illustration for article titled Acer Joins the Android Party: One Handset for 2009, But Probably No Netbooks

Still sore from their rough first step into the smartphone industry in February, Acer has committed to building one Android handset before 2010. On the possibility of an Android netbook, though, they dithered. Hard.


Acer's President and CEO:

We are working on an Android solution for the smartphone, [but] I think it's too early to say if we're going to see Android on a netbook in the near future.

So they're considering it! Then, from PC World:

He said Android is "very, very good for communication and Web access and so on," but he's not sure yet if it's right for traditional PCs.

A smartphone with Android makes a lot more sense than a netbook with the OS, he said.

Oh, so he basically heard some other company talking about an Android netbook, decided to dignify the possibility with a mention just in case, but intuitively thinks—reasonably, I might add—that the whole idea is kind of dumb. Got it. [PC World]




No-one wants Android on netbooks, If linux had a huge return rate what would android be like, USB drivers are not going to appear overnight for every external device out there. Nor would anyone want an OS based entirely on Java, this is just blog driven hype.

If you bought a netbook with android you would have to accept it is just a large keyboarded smart phone, and if someone developed Android into a full PC OS then it wouldn't be android anymore, there are already many different free Linux based OSes out there why waste your time developing Android.

Shut up about already...