Acer's Android Netbook Arriving In Time For the Eggnog, Chrome OS Not So Much

There isn't a lack of Android MIDs and smartphones these days, and soon there will be an Android netbook on the market. Acer will release its dual-boot Android, Windows XP Aspire One in time for the holidays.


The Android has been out of the bag on the Aspire One, but now we know that you should be able to purchase it by November. It probably won't be all that much cheaper than the current 10-inch Aspire One (which goes for about $350) since it still runs Windows and will have comparable specs.

And while Chrome OS has been rumored to hit some Chinese netbooks as early as next month, that is surely not the case for the major netbook manufacturers. Acer, Lenovo and MSI all report that they have no plans to bring Chrome OS netbooks to market in the near future. That makes sense to us, since Google originally said it wouldn't be released until the second half of 2010. In the meantime we will be living with a crapload of Android (especially on Acer phones). [Acer]


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