Activision Calls Harmonix a Punk, Says They Were "Misleading" About Blocked Patch

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All the back and forth between Activision and Harmonix, it's starting to look like Poison vs. Motley Crue or Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth or something. Today, Sammy (Activision) said that MTV Games/Viacom shot down a deal to use Guitar Hero's guitars with Rock Band—it wasn't just Activision throwing a bitch fit. But, since the press release (which you can check after the jump) is all about a scuttled "agreement," they're probably talking about signed papers and possibly money, which we're guessing MTV Games doesn't want to get into. We don't care about the legal wango tango, we just want a bass player on our PS3.

To Music Gaming Fans:

The recent announcement by MTV Games/Viacom's Harmonix division that Activision is blocking Sony from releasing a patch and their plea to enable Rock Band software to work with Guitar Hero hardware paints a very misleading picture.

In fact, Harmonix and its parent company MTV Games/Viacom recently declined Activision's offer to reach an agreement that would allow the use of Guitar Hero guitar controllers with Rock Band. We have been and remain open to discussions with Harmonix and MTV Games/Viacom about the use of our technology in Rock Band. Unfortunately for Rock Band users, in this case Harmonix and MTV Games/Viacom are unwilling to discuss an agreement with Activision.

Activision's top priority is to provide consumers with a seamless marriage of best-in-class hardware and software. We are focusing our efforts on innovating hardware and software that are designed to work together, work flawlessly and provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

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@obscuriosity: My guess is that Harmonix already had all rights to use the 360 controller code from GH2. Since the GH3 guitar is fully backwards compatible with GH2, the Les Paul is supported with code Harmonix owns and with a standing agreement with RedOctane for the support of GH2 hardware that just so happens to still work for GH3 hardware.

Since there was no prior version of GH on the PS3, Harmonix likely took a look at how the GH3 guitar works and coded for it in Rock Band. But, since they don't have a licensing agreement with Activision/RedOctane, A/RO is probably telling Sony to hold up the works as Harmonix' workaround might be infringing on a patent or is just being challenged via the DMCA for reverse engineering the guitar interface (therefore circumventing the protections put in place by A/RO to ensure exclusivity on that platform).

As far as I'm concerned, A/RO is just being pissy again - same as RO did regarding the TAC wireless guitars.