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Adam Savage and Sculptor Tom Sachs Have a Delightfully Nerdy Chat

Here's an hour-long super dive into the brains of two supremely interesting maker dudes. We probably shouldn't be surprised that a conversation between MythBusters' Adam Savage and sculptor Tom Sachs goes down wonderful rabbit holes of geekdom rather quickly...


In the first 10 minutes, the dynamic duo discuss everything from the fine points of welding to anthropological terms for consumerism and their shared love for Olympus' classic OM-1 camera. So yeah, the whole thing is worth your time. Here's your Monday morning inspiration. Go make something.

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What a great conversation. But for me the even more interesting part was the link reference to—the videos on there about Tom's lab are also quite interesting. As I was watching the first one, all I could think was "heck, this guy and Casey Neistat share OCD DNA" (think Giz posted a video of Casey talking about his film lab at one point). D'oh. Casey was one of Tom's interns. And the films on are largely done by Van, Casey's brother.