Adblock Browser Righteously Fends Off Ads on Your Android Phone

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Completely essential browser extension Adblock Plus is plowing forward on its quest to keep bothersome ads out of the web with a new browser for Android devices.

The new Adblock Browser is in beta, and currently available for direct download from this Google+ page. (It hasn’t been approved by Google just yet, but you should find it in the Play Store pretty soon, too.)

The browser looks like basically any other, it’s just got Adblock’s powers under the hood. Rather than block all advertisements, the app only blocks those it deems to be annoying. The idea is to encourage developers and designers to incorporate advertising into their pages as unobtrusively as possible. Which seems fair. You can also turn this off, but uhhhh, you downloaded the Adblock Browser, so why the hell would you do that.


Advertising makes many of the websites and services you love (ahem) financially sustainable. Bless Ablock for trying to keep that advertising from ruining the web.

[Adblock Browser]

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Interesting you would comment on forcing sites to make more user friendly advertising on a site riddled with interstitials and pop-overs.