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Adding to Collection of Keyboard Puns: Save Key Piggybank

Illustration for article titled Adding to Collection of Keyboard Puns: Save Key Piggybank

As a part of our continuing series on useful objects patterned after keyboard keys, our next candidate is this little play on words, a coin bank that looks like a Save button. Ironically, at $9.75 it just about costs more than the amount of coins it can hold.


Now if someone will make a trash can that looks like a Delete key, a remote car starter that looks like a start button and place a keyboard-like Home key on a GPS navigator, we could decorate our surroundings for total geekdom.


Product Page [Totally Funky]

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Or a Home key on your GPS

Or an End key on a life support machine

Or a Shift key on an automatic transmission

or a camera that takes a picture as seen from a storm door and delivers hard copy via a Print Screen key?

or an electrically operated hat securing device activated by a Caps Lock key?

Don't even ask me about the key that delivers diet cola...