Advanced Trolling 101: Think Big

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You hate "green" energy. You love mayhem. You're an eccentric billionaire just looking for a good way to kill a Sunday afternoon. If any of these applies to you, here's a blueprint for the most advanced trolling the world has ever known.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: no matter what, we could always be trolling bigger, harder, with more ambition. Especially if we have advanced electrical engineering degrees. [xkcd]

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I worked in a LEED certified building that had photovoltaic cells on the tops of the automatic faucets. So the electric light in the bathrooms powered the automatic faucets. It seemed strangely poetic to me. But ultimately, I thought it was a clever (re)use of electricity.

And, presumably, it saved on the cost and maintenance of running wires/power to the faucets.