Aegis Padlock Portable Hard Disk Is Perfect For Paranoid Types

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The Aegis Padlock Secure Drive has its own keypad and admin feature to lock your data down. It also has 128-bit realtime or 256-bit AES hardware encryption, shock mounting, and come in sizes up to 500GB.


The Padlock isn't the first hard disk to have its own keypad (Lenovo's ThinkPad USB Secure Hard Drive gets that honor), but the Padlock's 256-bit AES encryption is unique.

Prices for drives with 128-bit encryption are: $99 (250GB); $109 (320GB); and $139 (500GB). 256-bit encryption is a $20 extra in each case.

• Hardware Encrypted Drive - Real-time 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive, protecting the drive even if it is removed from its casing

• Extensive Shock Mounting - Protects your data with a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system

• Worry free 3 year warranty

• Compatible with any OS - Windows, Mac & Linux

[Apricorn via Electronista]



They awfully look like Lenovo's USB secure hard drives spec- & design-wise (less the 256-bit option), although with more reasonable pricing (Lenovo's are double those prices).

What the specs don't say is the implementation/mode of operation of those, especially since we know it's the Achilles heel of drive encryption: ECB (hope not!), CBC, LRW, or more secure XTS or XEX?