After a Feeding These Baby Dolls Poop Out Charms For a Bracelet

Most toy stores still have a dedicated girls-only aisle saturated in pink and filled with dolls that can do everything under the sun. But apparently the gimmick barrel is starting to get empty, because instead of just soiling a diaper, these Lalaloopsy dolls poop out plastic charms that can be worn on a bracelet.

The company doesn’t exactly explain what biological processes turn a small bottle of water into plastic trinkets, but it also doesn’t advertise these $25 dolls as educational toys—so they can leave out those crucial details.

However it works, it’s hard to know if kids will be excited about the idea of wearing pooped-out charms on a bracelet. Or if these dolls are simply setting kids up for a disastrous first night if they ever take a babysitting job with a real infant.

[Lalaloopsy via Slorum]

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