After Aliens, Marvel Comics To Be Invaded By Zombies From Another Dimension

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Marvel Comics' superheroes may have survived Secret Wars, Civil War and even a Secret Invasion, but this fall, they may find that their latest threat is something even harder to swallow than usual. When our heroes come face to face with zombie versions of themselves in the upcoming Marvel Zombies 3, will they have bitten off more than they can chew? Under the jump: More info about the new series, as well as my stopping the eating metaphors.


The Marvel Zombies franchise - created by Civil War's Mark Millar for a Fantastic Four storyline before being expanded into a very dark comedy of its own by Robert Kirkman, known for his own independent zombie series The Walking Dead - has previously taken place entirely in an alternate universe where all the familiar characters have either become zombified or been eaten by their zombie brethren in various ways. The latest series, announced this weekend at the Wizard World Philadelphia convention, breaks the mold in three ways: Firstly, it brings onboard a new writer, Fred Van Lente (accompanied by new artist, Kevin Walker, replacing Criminal's Sean Philips). Secondly, it's taking place partially in the same universe as all your other Marvel comics (Unless you happen to get the Ultimate titles, in which case, never mind). And thirdly and most importantly, this time it isn't being played for laughs.

Van Lente explained what he's planning for the new series:

What I'm doing here tapping into my inner James Cameron. The analogy I keep using is that Marvel Zombies 3 is like what James Cameron's Aliens was to the original Alien. We're using the same sort of props, but we're just doing something completely different with them. Marvel Zombies 3 is more of a sort of action/suspence/horror comic. I really want people to care about the protagonists and hope they don't get eaten or infected and turn on their comrades... Pandemics are terrible things, and they're very unpredictable. They can have long-lasting and permanent effects, and this one definitely will.

What kind of long-lasting and permanent effects? Well, the series is going to take place in Marvel Florida, which we almost never see considering the Manhattan-centric nature of most of their comics, and it stars rarely-seen cannon fodder - sorry, I mean "characters" - like Man-Thing and Morbius, the Living Vampire, so the possibility that you'll get to see America's retiree playground become its permanent undead vacation resort is not inconsiderable... Find out more when the series launches this October.

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You either get it or you don't. I have read most of the Marvel Zombie arcs and they were hilarious. Come on, The Hulk eating everyone in site and feeling full and satisfied so he turned into a zombie'd Bruce Banner, only to have his stomach explode - then he eats the Silver Surfer over and over again (because he has a hole in his stomach) to get his infinite powers - priceless! And no one likes Spiderman because he is a crying pussy, "oh, I just ate Auntie May, I feel so horrible". Shut up Spiderbrat. Amen. They say things here that they just can't get away with in the mainstream universe.

I for one would rather have it stay this way then having them hit the retirement home of forgotten demi-heroes for seriously. I mean come on, seriously? Bring 'em on only if it hits the main universe hard and you get real casualities. As much as I hated them killing Captain America, it was the best thing the franchise did in years. Just because they are super doesn't mean they are ALL immortal. It's part of life, brings reality to the comics.