Kuchofuku, the same company that brought us air conditioned shirts, has re-applied their groundbreaking technology in an effort to deliver us from one of the biggest problems facing mankind today. Of course, I am speaking about ass sweat. In fact, their air conditioned seat cushion line can pump up to 170 liters of air per minute through the seat using an extraordinarily low amount of electricity in the process.


Apparently, the energy consumption of the device is so low that you could run it every day for eight hours and only pay the equivalent of around five cents extra on your electricity bill for the month. However, this isn't the first time we have come across an air conditioner of this type—Thanko came out with a version last year that is powered via USB. It also appears to be a little cheaper than the Kuchofuku model, but we are not sure how well it stacks up in terms of butt cooling performance and power consumption. [Product Page via Fareastgizmos]