Air Disinfection Unit to Make Hospitals Cleaner, Safer

Hospitals and germ freaks rejoice! English tech company Inov8 (sounds a bit ravey, doesn't it?) has come up with the Air Disinfection unit, or AD. It re-creates fresh air, which is a key factor in killing microbes, without the need for opening a window in the operating theater. Any surgeons or hospital staff reading, that was a joke, by the way.

Although launched yesterday in London, the device, which is about the size of a flower vase, is currently being tested in 17 veterans' hospitals over here with a view to making it available in the US.


Within an hour of switching it on, the AD can reduce bacteria levels to zero as it creates reactive hydrogen radicals, then pumps them out into the atmosphere, purging the air of bacteria. Faced with the AD, even the tough superbug MRSA is apparently toast—and that can only be a good thing.

Superbug zapper recreates fresh air indoors [New Scientist Tech]

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