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Remember that video we lnked to a while back with some guys playing with this ridiculously cool dual-propeller hovercraft/plane/thing? The video is gone, but now it's a real product.


The Storm Launcher runs $120 (or three easy payments of $39.95) and comes with a LIPO battery pack and charger, 2 extra propeller blades, 2 prop guards, prop tool and instructional CD. Our guess is that if you get 2 extra propellers in the kit, you will need about 20, but maybe you are a Storm Launcher prodigy and didn't even know it.

Our "tipster" - quotes because the guy wrote like their infomercial, and for his sake we hope he is receiving a paycheck - said that if you didn't want to buy off TV or their website, check out Target and Walmart who should have them on shelves shortly. But those bundles will lack batteries.


Product Page Thanks "Chris"!