Airport Express Update Spotted at Online Apple Store

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MacGeneration has spotted a new Airport Express unit listed at the Swiss online Apple Store. The updated router looks identical to the older Airport Express, however, the specification for the refreshed model lists 802.11n wireless network support. The Swiss variety shows a one week ship time and Macrumors is reporting a reliable source informs them of a $99 price point, as well as an ETA of sometime next week for a Stateside release—anyone taking bets for not Tuesday? As before, iTunes streaming, printer and internet sharing should all be thrown in. We'll keep you posted on any midweek confirmation. [Apple Store via MacGeneration via Macrumors]


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Mine does the same thing too when using cordless phone. I have a HD NDAS connected to the Express ethernet port and with g it's a little slow for file transfer and such. My iTunes library is on that HD so when I wan to import a new CD I connect wired to the HD instead of wireless through the Express. n should help in that aspect.

@Mini Driver

There was a couple of comments on the Apple Swiss site about the short life (12-18 months) of this unit and they were blaming it on the battery??? Which lead me to pose the question here. I've been having mine for a good 3 years now and did not have any problems. My brother have one too and it died after 1.5 year.