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Akimbo, if you recall, is a broadband video download company that has been in and out of hot water for quite some time now. Well the good news is that they haven't completely died because of a nice donation care of Cisco and AT&T. How nice of a donation? $15 million nice. In agreement Akimbo will provide the content downloads for AT&T's upcoming Homezone service.


The latest Akimbo content-on-demand box is still expecting a fall release. It is being manufactured by RCA and has an expected price tag between $200 and $300 in addition to the $10 per month Akimbo fee and $2 movie download fee. The box includes a 80GB hard drive and will run on a Windows CE operating system. Downside? It won't support high-definition content. Oh, well.

Akimbo's Still Got Life [Zatz, PC Mag]

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