Albatron Windows 7 Multi-Touch Screen Is Looking, Feeling Great

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It's only a matter of time before all the major manufacturers flood the market with multi-touch screens ready for Windows 7, but Albatron is ready to show off their technology now. Their flagship 22" LCD (1680 x 1050) that has a sensor on each side of the display and promises to cost only 20% more than your average touchless LCD. And the technology is scalable to 24" and beyond through the addition of a single extra sensor. Of course, none of this would mean that much if the first hands-on experience wasn't absolutely glowing.

From TG Daily:

Bill gates' [sic] demonstration may have been rather underwhelming, but seeing a multi-touch LCD actually in front of us made it clear that this technology works much better than we expected. Playing around with Google Earth was a blast.


There's no word on availability yet, but consider such positive reviews of an upcoming technology to be good news indeed. [TG Daily]

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It goes without saying that everything we have seen relating to Windows 7 does nothing to answer the reasons why no one is buying Windows 6 (aka Vista).

Bonus for Apple: By releasing the specs so early for multi-touch screens, Apple can easily build in the technology into the next version of OS X and beat Microsoft to the punch. I am sure your fruit basket from Cupertino is on the way, Bill.