Alienware Launches Conroe'd Area-51 PC

Illustration for article titled Alienware Launches Conroed Area-51 PC

Alienware has pulled out all of the stops with their latest Area-51 PC. The 7500 is rocking out Intel's Core 2 Duo Extreme Edition that was announced today, codenamed the Conroe. It is two processors running parallel for the most intense, fast, fetish porn viewing possible. According to the NY Times piece, the processor speed is around 3GHz, which is a little quick, to say the least.

Also included in this machine is SLI'd GeForce 7900 GTX cards, up to 4GB of ram, 150GB hard drives, DVD burner and water-cooling. Don't worry, there is a downside. This behemoth of a PC will set you back roughly $5,000, depending on what kind of customization is done.


For Dedicated Gamers, a PC With an Unearthly Look (requires reg) [NY Times]

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I dunno, the new case seems decidedly more 'cartoony'. Not as sleek and sinister as its predicessor.