All Arguments Should Be Settled With Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

If a lightsaber can turn a drunken bar brawl into what appears to be an elegant duel, imagine what it could do for the thumb wrestling matches you have with your roommates to decide on pizza toppings. But you don't have to imagine, because thanks to the 'never say no' attitude of Disney's marketing team, this clever game-in-a-book lets you resolve any debate with a set of miniature thumb-worn lightsabers.


For $13 you not only get the aforementioned pair of adorable little sabers, you also get seven different Star Wars-themed arenas where you can assert your thumb wrestling dominance. And here's to hoping J.J. Abrams and his producer just film themselves having an epic thumb war for the next three films—it would still be more entertaining than that last Star Trek film. [ThinkGeek]

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