While most of the attention has been on iPhone 3G stock at Apple Stores (rightfully so, since Apple is hoarding most of them) anyone not in driving distance of an Apple Store has to get theirs in AT&T land. So here's the sorta good news, if you're patient: If you do AT&T's direct fulfillment deal-pay for it in full, then they call you to pick it up when it arrives-you'll get your phone in about two weeks on average, guaranteed. And the bad news:


All the phones are going to the direct fulfillment program, so don't expect to just walk into a store and buy one. They're not getting them, and won't, until the shortage is over:

We hope to begin re-stocking our stores as soon as we can, but first priority goes to those customers who purchased through direct fulfillment.

Our advice? If you've gotta have one NOW, take Friday off, drive to an Apple Store before it opens, and make an urban camping trip out of it-bring beef jerky, a fishing pole (to fend off panhandlers) and guitar to sing Kumbaya, which, with any luck, will drive people out of line. [AT&T]

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