If you're the party-hosting kind, you've probably resigned yourself to the fact that things are going to break—a lot. But if your well-lubricated partygoers must get rowdy, you might as well make sure that the source of that rowdiness will at least stay intact. In which case, might we suggest a 15-pound, 7-inch lump of stone to serve your spirits?

The Stone Drink Dispenser is literally what all those other products that boast being "built like a rock" strive towards. Designed by Jeff Henderson, each hand crafted piece has been collected off the coast of New Hampshire and fitted with a stainless steel spigot. The stone naturally helps maintain your beverage of choice's temperature, and more than that, it looks fantastic. If you're willing to shell out $125 for one, though, do it now. Because there's only 11 left in stock. [Hi Consumption]