All Nike Shoes to Become Nike+ Compatible

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AP Nike President and Chief Executive Mark Parker recently said that all Nike running shoes will become compatible with the Nike+iPod sensor by the end of the year. There were no other details offered, but I would suspect that over the year Nike will slowly phase out the old kicks in favor of new ones that are Nike+ compatible.


This is especially nice to hear given that the average Nike running shoe can cost as low as $50 or so while the Nike+ compatible shoes push the $100 price tag. Fifty more bones just for a little hole cut in the sole? Yeah, I'll just create my own way to attach the adapter. (Hit the jump to see how I did it.)

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So it may not look as snazzy as the other shoes, but I saved $50 buying these running shoes, rather than the Nike+ compatible shoes, and it took me a whole five minutes to attach the sensor to the shoelaces.

Nike promises more iPod-enabled kit [Pocket-Lint]


My lovely wife purchased the ipod adapter for Christmas, and then bought me a new set of shoes to use with them, only she didn't get the +nike type. I found an adapter that basically does the same thing at the tape mess shown above, but a bit more elegantly. I used my garmin GPS to test the accuracy of the ipodnike setup, and it actually (for me anyway) was only about 2% off what the GPS said.

I have also read on many different posts that there is no pressure sensor on the shoe attachment, so you are not losing anything by the above, albeit rather fugly, method of shoe attachment. I do find the system rather beautiful in its simplicity, as well as functionaly and useful.

No, there isn't any GPS, but seriously, all I need is distance, time, and tunes. Everything else just gets in the way of the run!