All Nike Shoes to Become Nike+ Compatible

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AP Nike President and Chief Executive Mark Parker recently said that all Nike running shoes will become compatible with the Nike+iPod sensor by the end of the year. There were no other details offered, but I would suspect that over the year Nike will slowly phase out the old kicks in favor of new ones that are Nike+ compatible.

This is especially nice to hear given that the average Nike running shoe can cost as low as $50 or so while the Nike+ compatible shoes push the $100 price tag. Fifty more bones just for a little hole cut in the sole? Yeah, I'll just create my own way to attach the adapter. (Hit the jump to see how I did it.)


So it may not look as snazzy as the other shoes, but I saved $50 buying these running shoes, rather than the Nike+ compatible shoes, and it took me a whole five minutes to attach the sensor to the shoelaces.

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