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All of Your Favorite Shows May Get Cancelled This Year

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Hollywood Reporter has released this year's list of network shows in serious danger of not making it to a new season, and it's filled with a lot of familiar names. Almost everything we watch, in fact.

Amongst the shows appearing on the list are NBC's Heroes and Chuck (although it's noted that the latter show is "75%" likely to return, thanks to its position as the network's strongest Monday night show), Fox's Fringe and Human Target, the CW's Supernatural and Smallville (both given 85% chances of return) and ABC's V and FlashForward, the latter of which is given a grim prognosis:

ABC's attempted "Lost" replacements started strong in the ratings, dropped fast, changed showrunners (twice for "FlashForward") and are now on a protracted winter hiatus. Expect ABC to keep one of these, and the "V" storyline seems more readily extendable to a second season.


We've already reported on the chance of FlashForward not making it to a second season, but don't prepare your televisual funeral clothes just yet; Dollhouse's surprise renewal last year should serve as a reminder than anything is possible in the world of television. Me, I'm half-expecting news of Heroes' fifth season any minute...

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