All the GOP Anti-Climate Change Arguments and Why They're Wrong

From “global warming is a hoax because it’s snowing” to “maybe this is our fault but we’re not doing a damn thing about it,” the climate rhetoric of the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidates is a many-headed hydra of confusion, apathy, and straight-up delusion.

The science, on the other hand, is clear: Earth’s climate is changing, and human beings are causing it. As leaders from 196 countries convene in Paris to chart a path toward a fossil fuel-free future, the echo chamber of denialism within the GOP feels more and more like found footage from an alternate dimension where something went terribly wrong.

We’ve put together a little highlight reel of anti-climate change arguments, and what the experts have to say about them.

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okay, I’m confuzzled again. (Sorry it keeps happening) Given that the traditional GOP party stance is liberty, private property, entrepreneurship, and limited government (hey I said traditional!) Why isn’t climate change one of their major platforms? It isn’t a hard case to make.

1)Tired of centralized and regulated power? Go green and solar/wind power your house, get your hard earned backyard working FOR you!

2) Want to keep America, ahem MURICA beautiful? Invest in national parks and wilderness reclamation.

3) Tired of supporting terrorism and rich Saudi’s? hybridize or plug in your pickup today

4) Tired of the government/corporate scene? there are millions of opportunities for your startup garage company just blooming on the horizon.

I could go on...