All The Kepler Planets Graphed By Their Ability To Support Life

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There are 1,780 confirmed planets that exist beyond our solar system. But of those planets, how likely are they to be able to support life?

National Geographic put together an interactive graphic that takes two of the most basic planetary features for supporting life — size and temperature — and graphs out where each of those planets outside of our solar system falls on the ability to support potential life.

We've seen graphic representations of just how stunningly successful Kepler has been at its planet-finding mission so far, but this is a nice representation of how — among all the hundreds upon hundreds of planets that have already been discovered, and the even more that have yet to be discovered — how few of them even come close to having the basic conditions to support life.


And it makes Kepler-186f our newest, most Earth-life addition to the planetary pantheon seem all the more special.

You can check out the full graph over at National Geographic.