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All the Windows Phone 8 Rumors Fit to Print

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Unwilling to give up the spotlight just yet, Microsoft has planned another Big Announcement for tomorrow, June 20. The Redmond, Washington-based company is flying out to San Francisco, for what will be a two-day developers summit full of surprises.


One such surprise, which is generating a lot of eleventh-hour excitement, is the anticipated Windows Phone 8. Here is what we know, and what rumors have suggested, so far...

Codename: Apollo (or Windows Phone 8)

Upgrade: Multi-core processors (a step up from the single core units used in handsets like the Lumia)


Update: Windows NT core OS (rather than the outmoded Windows CE platform used in the Windows Phone 7)

We'll continue to update with additional info as it comes and look forward to the Big Announcement tomorrow at 12PM EST. Stay tuned... [CNET, Engadget, AppleInsider, AllThingsD]

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I really really really want one of those awesome looking Windows Phones, but I really really really like Android's integration of the Google apps I use all day long... Ugh. Torn.