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All Your Home Really Needs Is This R2-D2 Pinball Machine Coffee Table

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Forget couches, forget dining tables, forget beds, forget even a working toilet, all your home really needs for you to be happy and content is this amazing R2-D2-themed coffee table featuring a working Star Wars pinball machine inside.


The pinball machine (circa 1991) hidden beneath the table’s glass top comes courtesy of Data East, so it provides a genuine pinball experience with all the lights, dings, and tilting you could ever want. And the table is on wheels, so once you’re done entertaining guests with it in the living room, you can wheel it into the bedroom for some private pre-shuteye high scoring.


The front of the table—if you can call it that—even features a working projector showing an image of R2-D2 inside the Death Star from the Star Wars films, sadly not Princess Leia begging for your help. So what will the ultimate coffee table cost you? Since Altar Furniture claims it takes around 320 hours to manufacture each one, its $10,000+ price tag makes sense, even if it instantly puts an end to your dream of owning one. [Altar Furniture via HomeCrux]

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