Amazingly, This Lamp Isn't Made By Google

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This lamp looks like it's come straight outta the offices of Google. But in fact it was created by the famous Italian designer Alessandro Mendini—and we think it's beautiful.

Called Amuleto—see what he did there?—it's made from a series of circles which represent the Sun, Moon and Earth respectively. The halo at the top of the lamp contains a ring of 60 LEDs, which throw out bright yet even light that can be varied in intensity.


Its sleek structure contains all the wires and springs needed for power and poise, so the overall look is beautifully uncluttered. Available in two sizes, it also comes in non-Goolge colors: you can choose the hue of the top, mid and base section from red, yellow, blue, white black or transparent. Price is as yet unconfirmed, but will be announced during Milan's Design Week in April. [Alessandro Mendini via Design Boom]