Amazon Considering a "Netflix for Books"

Illustration for article titled Amazon Considering a "Netflix for Books"

Would you pay a fee to access a library of written content? A Netflix for the book-reading world? Amazon is apparently banking you might, as it was reported tonight by the WSJ that the online retailer was considering that option.


As noted by The Next Web, such an idea isn't new (i.e. and bookswim), but this is certainly the first time that a behemoth like Amazon would be driving things into the public conscience.

Couple the whole thing with the powerhouse known as Kindle and we could very well have a platform that is worthy of the "Netflix for books" hyperbole I just fanned with my headline. [WSJ via The Next Web]


If Amazon doesn't get their act together and put out a Kindle in color, the Nook is going to pass them up, and I will be one of the people who jumps ship. Nook has full color magazines - magazines that people actually want to read. You know stuff like People Magazine instead of Fortune or Readers Digest. I like my daily dose of pop culture along with all the rest of it. Kindle is boring. One of my biggest complaints about it is that it does not simulate the turning of pages. It's technology - they could have done that easily. It would have been fun and instead of knowing the percentage of the book read, we would actually get to see a page number. That I miss a lot - seeing a page number. May be just my thing, but I want to see what page I'm on and not what percentage of the book I have read. So, Amazon, you've got to get with it and get rid of this gray screen with nothing but print. It's BORING. The Nook has left you in the dust.