Amazon Has a Patent to Sell Used Ebooks

Illustration for article titled Amazon Has a Patent to Sell Used Ebooks

The problem with most ebooks is you can't exactly give them with a friends or pass them onto your children when you're done. But Amazon might actually address that with a new patent to sell used ebooks.


Unfortunately you can't just buy an ebook and own an ebook and do what you want with it. So basically the patent means Amazon could own the rights to letting people resell the digital pages or audio files they have stored in their tabler or e-reader. You know, like Craigslist for your old Kindle copy of The DaVinci Code (50 cents or best offer!) Or a garage sale for 50 Shades of Grey on your iPad. (Sorry, I want at least $1.17 for that, but I'll throw in these gardening gloves.) Except you'd have to go through Amazon, rather than selling digital books in your own digital yard sale, so to speak. And if Amazon's new patent to sell used ebooks ever turns into a real thing, you may never get to.

Of course many patents never amount to anything at all and are moves to secure intellectual property before another company does. We hope that's the case here, so one day perhaps our children can inherit our ebooks free on own terms. [Publishers Weekly]



I doubt amazon would actually utilize this patent... it's probably a preventative measure to keep others from legally doing it. Unless it was sold back to Amazon.... and then amazon sold cheaper second hand books for no cut to the publisher. But I doubt that.