Amazon's 14 Original Series Pilots Are All Online Now

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Amazon just launched the 14 pilot episodes for its original series showdown—six kids shows and eight comedies. Surely at least one of these programs will be good. Actually, we're pretty excited for a few of them, and why not check them out because they're free with your Amazon Prime account.

The new shows dropped just a few days after the not-so-promising trailer for Zombieland cropped up. For those of you unfamiliar, this pilot program is Amazon's unique way of developing original content. Like Hulu and Netflix, Amazon is attempting to lure customers in to its streaming video services with original content. But rather than produce a whole series that may or may not be good—they're new at this, after all—Amazon has decided to launch a bunch of pilots and then ask customers to give them feedback about what they like.


Aside from seeing what's up with Zombieland, we're pretty excited about the faux-news Onion News Empire as well as the high school comedy Those Who Can't. [Amazon]