Amazon's Next Kindle Will Be Front-Lit and Its Next Kindle Fire Will Be Bigger

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Reuters is reporting that the next Kindle will be front-lit and will be coming out in July. It's a smart move because it'll let users read their Kindles in the dark and an obvious one for Amazon to make as Barnes and Noble already has a front-lit Nook.

The Kindle will still be using an E-ink screen so your eyes won't strain and pop from staring at backlit LCD displays all day but it's worth nothing that the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light uses Barnes and Noble's own technology to work with the front lighting. Unlike previous ereaders where all the E-ink screens are the same, we're going to be seeing some differences in these next generation front-lit ereaders.


Also, Reuters is reporting that the next Kindle Fire will have a screen size of 8.9 inches which is significantly bigger than the current 7-inches and much closer to the new iPad. There's no word on the price of the next, bigger Kindle Fire but the front-lit Kindle is expected to be $10 more than the current model (which is $80/$100). [Reuters]