AMD GAME! Attempts To Simplify PC Gaming, Fails

AMD is attempting the impossible—to make PC gaming hardware comprehensible to the masses. With their new AMD GAME! badge, they condense requirements like an AMD Athlon X2 5600+ and ATI Radeon HD 3650 to an AMD GAME! logo meant to assure potential PC gamers, "this computer will play your games all right, but not as well as AMD GAME! Ultra, of course!" That's right, AMD couldn't resist tiering the otherwise simple idea to utter pointlessness.


AMD GAME! Ultra will support higher end hardware to define its standard (current specs above). And while both AMD GAME! and AMD GAME! Ultra hope to play all major games at 30fps via in-game autodetect settings, confused PC buyers need to decide, "Am I an ultra gamer?" And chances are, they will not know, since the term is meaningless (and the real purpose is probably one big hardware upsell).

Then again, maybe we are just jaded and this new line of logos is a really good thing. After all, AMD GAME! is easier to understand than "HD 3650"—which also ultimately means very little to most people. And the standards will be updated every six months to stay relevant among current hardware options. Wish your parents luck. (They are probably not ultra, but it's not your job to break their hearts.) [CrunchGear]

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