AMD Rolls Out New Brisbane Processors

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AMD's first 65-nanometer Athlon 64 processors have arrived. Codenamed Brisbane, the dual-core chips mark the company's transition from 90nm CPUs to 65nm. Essentially this means AMD's chips will be more energy efficient and better suited for small form factor PCs. The four processors launching today range from the 2.1GHz 4000+ ($169) to the 2.6GHz 5000+ ($301). Despite the range in performance, all of the processors will have a 65W TDP and they'll each have a 2x512KB L2 cache. AMD is still playing catch up, however, as Intel continues to enjoy the lead with their Core 2 Duos.

AMD [Press Release]

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graytou96 posted:

i love the fact it could be named after my hometown of brisbane, australia!!

unless anyone out there would know of any other meaning to the word?no other meaning, it's brisbane, australia. a lot of processor cores are named after cities. my processor uses a venice core, the core that was one step up in performance was san diego, and now brisbane is the core that's built on a 65nm process for better energy efficiency(though, it's presumably built in dresden, germany, where AMD's fab 30 and AMD's fairly new fab 36 plants are both located). intel uses city names, and names inspired by the region in which the processor is made, also sometimes; the newer intel processors are called kentsfield and clovertown,i think there was a conflict because both companies had cores named santa rosa, and the first core duo (as in last year, before core 2 duo came out to save intel's ass from AMD domination) was called yonah, because it was originally built in israel.

this lowered transistor size seemed to be the secret to core 2's success, so throw your lighters up for AMD because they've finally caught up in the 65nm game, and will release 45nm about the same time that big intel does, but will put out better performance numbers because of direct connect and hypertransport! hooray for my AMD stock. lol