American Horror Story's Evan Peters On His Latest Monster: A Frat Guy

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We've seen American Horror Story's Evan Peters play a school shooter, greaser, a hippie — and in our exclusive interview with the actor he revealed his next role, a frat brother! Will the tumblr fans still love him when he's chugging beers with the witches of New Orleans? Most likely. Check out what Peters had to say about the new season.


We've seen you play the monster, and we've seen you play the "aw shucks" guy who was taken advantage of, so who are you playing this year?

Evan Peters: His name is Kyle and he's a Frat Boy and that's about all I can tell you [laughs]… He's a go-getter. He's got goals and he's got dreams. He's in this frat house because he comes from the 9th Ward, and that's on the other side of the tracks, and he's trying to get out of there. So he joined this frat, he's going to Tulane and he's doing well. Really well.

Last year the series was set in the past and now American Horror Story is set in the modern day. Which is more fun?

I think the 60s was really fun. It was really fun. It was just cool to listen to different music and have different hair. It's such a different time. It's not as crass and there was something about it that I really liked. But then again you get in the present and everything is a little bit easier because you are a part of it, and you don't have to stretch as much. So that's cool too.

Every year you guys kill it with the costumes and the sets. Is there anything in particular you're really excited for the audience to see?

Yeah there's a bunch. I think everyone is going to love the costumes and sets this year. It's all really spooky and beautiful in a way. And the house, the house that all the witches live in is just gorgeous. It's massive and beautiful.


American Horror Story has a reputation for creating a cast of power-house women, and even so this year with Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett, how has the predominately female cast influenced your character? Are you one of the only guys on set?

No I'm not. There are several guys on set. I don't particularly work with a lot of guys except in the beginning. There's a bit of a misconception that I'm the only guy on set, I'm really not. There are several more male actors — there's Denis O'Hare, he's in [this season] a lot. I think because it's witches [this year] that there are so many more women this year. There's predominantly more women, yes.


Are they open to having any male witches in the cast?

No there are no Warlocks here. At least not yet anyway.

How much did filming in New Orleans influence this season and on set?

Oh it's awesome. It's so hot there and so spooky. It's just old and beautiful. It's such a great place to work on a scary show. It's one of the most haunted cities in the world. And everybody is telling ghost stories. There's ghost stories every night. It gets you in the mode and mood of scary movies and a scary TV show. It's been awesome to work there. I really enjoyed it.


Can talk a little bit about the challenges and positive things that go with working with the same cast but totally different plot lines and characters. You're a professional actor and of course you could do a different film with different people, but what's it like having the same cast of players over and over again, but totally different plot lines and characters?

It is different. It's amazing, you get to see a different side of each person. When you're acting with them you see them change into somebody else and you have to react off of that person, and not who they were last season. It's a completely different story, so I think it's easy, because the writing is so good, to slip into it for everybody. And sort of look at the other person and see them not as Jessica Lange, it's somebody in the script. And you're reacting. It's been interesting. It's been challenging, for me, to try and play a completely different character but it hasn't been too difficult working with other actors who are playing different characters. I'm not confused. I'm not calling Jessica my mom or anything. It's a totally different setting, and the sets are so gorgeous, it really plays right into your imagination. You can slip right in.


You've played a crop of misunderstood characters. You played one character who was misunderstood by his family and lost his way. Kit was misunderstood to the point where people called him a liar and locked him up. Is Kyle misunderstood?

Yeah, I think Kyle is misunderstood, in a way. I can't really divulge why, but he is eventually misunderstood. I don't know why they keep writing a character for me like that, I don't know. We'll see.

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There's always some sort of monster you guys create for the season, some crazy, wacky creature or beast. Will there be a monster this season or is it all just witches?


There's some surprises in there. I can't tell you what it is, but there are definitely lots of surprises this year.

Can anything ever top the original Halloween two-parter your character had in season one?


I don't know. It was pretty amazing. All the makeup, that was a pretty amazing highlight for me as an actor. Just being able to play that role, and that scene and those specific episodes. Obviously this season there is some mind-blowing stuff that happens… really… top it? Probably. But yeah I think it's going to be really amazing.

What about personally, it was such an interesting couple of episodes because it challenge the audience to care for a school shooter? Instead of just demonizing him, but also doling out the consequences of those actions. Have there been any other personal highlights for you so far?


I've had to do some really crazy stuff this season so far. As an actor it's been kind of amazing to do it, and get it under my belt. And hopefully I've done it fairly well. I hope. I don't know, we'll see. I'm looking forward to seeing the show. That was one of my favorite thing about season one was I would watch it. Season two I didn't watch it as much, I wanted to try something different where I wasn't watching it. But this season I'm definitely going to watch it. I'm excited to be the viewer and watch everybody else's parts and see it all cut together with the music and the editing.

What's it like going toe-to-toe on set with Jessica Lange? How has that changed you as an actor?


It's awesome. It really makes you bring your "A" game and try your best to not mess it up. She's so good, she's a legend. It's awesome to work with her and be a part of a scene with her and make it all work. It's been amazing, and it's been such an incredible learning experience as well.

This series really likes beating the crap out of you, more of the same this year?


Yeah.. they're really good at that. There's a lot of stuff, I think for each cast member. Everybody gets their fair share of getting their ass kicked.


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OK, so judging from the early reviews that frat party scene is also a rape scene. Ryan Murphy - you're never going to stop being a disappointing rape culture enforcer are you?