America's Biggest Universities Build 78-Terabyte Library, Still Missing Front Door

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Today, 23 of the biggest public and private universities in California, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois and other states* announced a 2-million book online library made of 78 terabytes of information, 16 percent of which are free of copyright and ready for public consumption. Even though the press release says "public domain materials will be available for reading online," however, the search interface itself has yet to be constructed. The Hathi Trust—named in the spirit of wisdom, memory and strength after the Hindu word for "elephant"—will be an amazing repository of data. Currently its bibliography, containing the physical equivalent of 1,703 tons of literature, is only partially searchable by University of Michigan and University of Chicago library sites, but "there is currently no single global interface to the body of content in HathiTrust repository." This highlights the real strains of safely storing the world's intellectual property—while being able to serve it up for public consumption. The Hathi website laments that it's still working on "a way that takes into account the large number of different sources of metadata and the different strategies each of the partners has for managing that information." It's the reason that library science can be as complex as rocket science. To put it another way, "Growing the world's largest library won’t happen overnight." [Hathi Trust via Wired] *Here's the whole list, in case you want to see if your uni is part of the elephantine operation: Indiana University Michigan State University Northwestern University The Ohio State University Penn State University Purdue University University of California Berkeley University of California Davis University of California Irvine University of California Los Angeles University of California Merced University of California Riverside University of California San Diego University of California San Francisco University of California Santa Barbara University of California Santa Cruz The University of Chicago University of Illinois University of Illinois at Chicago The University of Iowa University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Virginia



78 terabytes? LOL!!! I work in a law firm which is heavy on litigation. We have a several SANs which currently holds 900 terabytes combined.

That's right, we are currently 100 terabytes shy of a petabyte.