Just look at this home on a hill in Cáceres, Spain. An abandoned stable that used to stand on the same site was slated for remodeling, but it was so dilapidated that architects just took the stones and started from scratch. What they created was something beautiful.

The place is too far from a city to be included in a power grid, so it's powered by solar energy in the summer and hydro in the winter. That works out pretty perfectly, since it's conveniently located between two fresh streams that flow all year.


Working alongside that natural feature, every lovely piece of the home serves a purpose. The infinity pool doubles as a holding tank for H2O for drinking, bathing, and irrigation. A giant terracotta eave and generous wooden shutters keep too much sun out during the warmer months, and trap the heat in when it's cold. It might be remote, but the designers made due with what they had available and made something incredible. [Architizer]

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