An Adorable Felt Apple Watch That Never Needs Charging

You caved on the iPod Touch, and maybe even bought your kid a cheap tablet, but how are you going to explain to them that there's no way you're buying them a $500+ Apple Watch? Easy, you just make an adorable felt alternative like Hiné Mizushima did and tell them it's powered by their imagination so it never needs charging—unlike your smartwatch that's already about to die.


Like on the Apple Watch, the icons on this low-tech alternative can be swapped and moved around, but you'll need a needle and thread to do so. The felt strap is adjustable and swappable in the same way, and while not waterproof, the crafty watch should eventually dry off after a shower or swim without the display ever going away. [Hiné Mizushima via Laughing Squid]

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