An App That Promises Riches, Travel, and Love—In Your Dreams

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Companies make a lot of claims about their products to help sell them, but this new app from a Japanese ad agency goes to the extreme, promising wealth, travel, love, and even the ability to fly, at least while you sleep.


Yumemiru, or See the Dream, is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices, and includes eight different scenarios designed to stimulate and influence your dreams through various audio cues. After you select your nocturnal adventure and start to drift off to sleep, the app waits a set amount of time before starting in hopes you'll have reached the deep REM stage where you're most influenceable.

The app also includes its own alarm and of course social media features so you can immediately tweet your dream or share it on Facebook when you wake up. And while Yumemiru is currently free, here's to hoping they can keep it that way without having to resort to subliminal ads selling you stuff while you slumber. [Technology Miraiworks via Japan Trends]


Colonel Muffin

Oh, another one of these iPhone apps that magically make you not have a disease, or make you rich. I can totally see how this is reportable news!