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An Arcade Coin Slot Belt Would Be Creepy If It Weren't So Awesome

Illustration for article titled An Arcade Coin Slot Belt Would Be Creepy If It Werent So Awesome

The light up coin slot belt buckle is made from recycled arcade game parts and in addition to holding your pants up, it doubles as a great date-repellant.


Just a quarter a pop, baby. If that's something you can see yourself saying to a potential date, then this tool for tricking someone into focusing on your junk can be yours for $90 on Etsy. Or maybe you're not actually that much of an actual perv but love being an ironic perv, which honestly, same difference! An awesomely nerdy accessory either way. Baby. [Geekologie]

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If I wear a Super Mario Bros. T-shirt with this belt, I am almost an arcade machine.