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An Astronaut Explains How He Relaxes in Space

Illustration for article titled An Astronaut Explains How He Relaxes in Space

Director Ridley Scott’s space survival film, The Martian, snagged a couple of coveted Golden Globe awards this week — one for Matt Damon’s singular performance and one for the film itself. Sure, both were in the Musical or Comedy category — say what? — but I doubt neither man is complaining much.


This week also marked the release of the Blue-Ray and DVD release of the film, and the studio put together a series of short videos about life in space, whereby real-life astronauts answer people’s burning questions about how they go about their day in space.

The video below features NASA astronaut Drew Feustel, responding to a fan who asked him what he does to relax and unwind in space. It might not be the answer you were expecting.

Video courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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Thaag the Troll

I still wonder what the GG folks were smoking and why they don’t share. (re: Comedy/Musical)