An Early Video Peek at LaLa's Übercheap Music App

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The latest news, in The Week Of The LaLa: the company's long-promised iPhone app, which would bring the bizarre play-a-song-once-for-free-then-pay-10-cents model to mobile, has been submitted to Apple. And assuming they don't abort it, this is what it'll look like.

Say what you will about the merits of a pay-per-song streaming music service, but the ability to play just about any song instantly is pretty amazing. And in an actual improvement over the desktop service, songs are apparently cached:

Fortunately the Lala app uses caching to store hundreds of songs from your library, which it has waiting in case your connection dies. Lala wouldn't say exactly how many songs are saved, but they say that the app uses some intelligence to determine what gets cached

That'd be a killer feature for the app, as well as exactly the kind of thing Apple might throw a shitfit over: it's two music libraries, see! In any case, prepare for two outcomes here: either this app is coming out in a week or so, or you're going to be reading a fresh wave of necessary, if totally predictable, App Store approval outrage posts. See you then! [Techcrunch]