Mother Monster Lady Gaga launched the beta version of her own social network,, back in May. Now, the free-to-join social networking site is open to the public, allowing fans of the performer to connect and communicate in discussion forums, share news items, and post Gaga-related items in a Pinterest-like manner.

Here is an incomplete list of some of the most popular discussion topics to sprout up so far:

• What's a little repeatable experience that you cherish?

• Is it necessary to judge someone of their sexuality?

• I'm new to this!

• I am a proud HomoSEXUAL!


• Today is the Independence Day of Argentina

• Who Want the Monster Pit Key!?

• Hating just to hate


• How Free is Your Hair?

• Affffffffffffffffffffffffff

• Tumblr!

• Awewsome!

• Instagram

• Wow, this is a freaking awesome monster network!

What, exactly, qualifies a "freaking awesome monster network"? Have there been others? Will this one last? How free is your hair? I don't know. Afffffffffffffffffffffff


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