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An iPhone App That Scans the Stuff You Buy in the Supermarket

Illustration for article titled An iPhone App That Scans the Stuff You Buy in the Supermarket

I love supermarkets. The ginormousness and excessiveness of everything makes me happy. But I hate waiting in line in supermarkets. Seriously, I have to stand and wait in this line for 5 minutes in order to give you my money?


But no more! I'm only shopping at Stop and Shop from now on, a supermarket here on the East Coast, because they're launching Scan It!, an iPhone app that'll let customers scan items they're buying while they shop. Cruise the aisles, pick up some groceries, scan 'em to the app and buy. So simple.

Here's how it works: customers will tie their rewards card account to Scan It! and use the app to scan the barcode of every item they put in their bag. Once they're done shopping, they'll head to any checkout aisle, scan their rewards card and pay their total. Workers will occasionally check bags to see if everything in the bag fits the bill but with no need to re-scan the items, lines will zip by much faster and I will be much happier. [Technology Review]

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This is all well and good, but what I really want is a grocery store chain to release an app that tells you EXACTLY where to find that goddamn pizza crust or the freakin' porcini mushrooms, down to the square inch. "Aisle 9, third shelf from the bottle, left hand side as you face the back of the store, halfway down the aisle." Or maybe just a map of the store with little lighted dots that correspond to location of your items in your grocery list. Tell me why this is not feasible. I would wait in line an extra five minutes for this feature that would save me twenty.