An NYC Staircase a Giant Could Climb—And You Can Live In

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The Mercedes House is a 30-story residential building under construction in New York City. With steps heading towards the sky, it's the closest we've gotten to a real-life Stairway to Heaven yet.


Conceived by Ten Arquitectos, it's set to be open later this summer. The winding design bathes each of the 865 units in the 1.3 million square-foot structure in light. Gorgeous views of the Hudson River, rooftop gardens, and naturally, a Mercedes dealership, are among some of the perks of living in the place. But if you want to hang your hat in this Midtown Manhattan spot, it will cost you a serious chunk of change—a one bedroom starts at around $3,000 a month. [MyModernMet via Techeblog]

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The one bedroom's start 650sf, which isn't that bad considering it's a brand new building and in a great area of New York. You also get access to amazing amenities. Whether that's an additional cost, I don't know, but usually it's included in the rent.

Here's of course the catch, where's your unit? All the renderings show those special two bedrooms that make up the "staircase feature". I'm doubting those are in the "starting at..." price listed.

I'm guessing those "$3000 a month" apartments are the ones facing the street at the lower levels.