An RC Mario Kart With Wheels That Actually Convert To Hover Mode

Those pesky laws of the universe make it all but impossible to recreate the tracks, vehicles, and stunts you can perform in Mario Kart 8 in real life, but that didn't stop JAKKS Pacific from trying. The company's remote control version of Mario and his kart looks exactly like its video game counterpart, right down to the transforming wheels which rotate flat to put the vehicle into its hover mode.

Except that in real life, this kart never actually gets off the ground. Instead, with the wheels turned sideways, Mario can slide and skitter sideways across the ground in a pretend hover mode while the wheels continue to spin. If you want to see him actually hover, you'll have to buy a Wii U and the game. The World of Nintendo RC Racer will sell for $100 when available later this year, and that includes a wireless controller with a range of about 100 feet, but you'll have to provide the Mario sound effects yourself. [JAKKS Pacific]


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