An RC Snowplow Lets You Shovel Your Driveway From Your Living Room

This six-wheel-drive remote control robot snow plow is the best thing to happen to snowy mornings since able-bodied kids desperate for an allowance. Powered by six 24-volt 127RPM electric motors, its 52-inch wide blade can clear a sidewalk in one pass, and your driveway in no time, all from the comfort of inside your toasty-warm home.

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The robot, including raising and lowering its pneumatic plow blade, can be controlled from an included wireless remote so you never have to step outside. And while details on its battery life aren't specified, the fact that you can optionally double the number of batteries it has on board from two to four indicates this thing probably isn't going to run for hours on end.

But as long as it makes it to the end of the driveway and back a couple of times, it could totally be worth its $7,900 price tag. Especially if you plan on entering any Battle Bot competitions in the offseason. [SuperDroid Robots via Neatorama]


Icarus Rex

I think everyone complaining about the price or the practicality is missing something big:

You're on a tech-gadget blog. This is a robot. That you control. That PLOWS SNOW. I don't care if it's expensive. Or impractical. It's freakin' cool. And I want one.

I've lived in New England my whole life. I know snow. Doesn't matter. This thing is absurd and ridiculous and I want one because I still have an inner child. Is this how Calvin and Hobbes would want to shovel snow? Yes? Then I WANT ONE.