Analyst Predicts $750 Million Worth of Kindle Sales by 2010

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It looks like Amazon's foray into the world of gadget making is going to be a profitable one indeed: CitiGroup analyst Mark Mahaney claims that in less than two years, the e-book reader is going to pull in a whopping $750 million. For those of you keeping track at home, that's a shitload of money.

The figure is based on calculations assuming that sales will grow from 189,000 by the end of this year to a whopping 2.2 million in a couple of years, when the price of the device should be below $300. And while there are doubters out there and people who really, really don't want to give up real books for e-books (myself included), you can't really argue with the natural progression from physical media to digital that e-books represent. And with Amazon offering up the largest catalog of e-books around from a store that most people are already familiar with and trust, it makes sense that the Kindle will be the iPod of digital books. Ka-ching. [CNET]