Analysts Predict Apple 2013: That's One Wonky Crystal Ball

Foretelling Apple's next grooves is the national pastime for (some) geeks and an occupational obssession for analysts, who trip over themselves with crazy predictions in "notes" and reports to people with lots of money who want to make more. Forrester just released its big report on what Apple will be like in 2013, and it's a doozy—their crystal ball must be a Chinese knockoff, because it completely ignores the actual direction of not just Apple's wares, but gadgets and media as a whole. An Apple clock radio? Really?

To start, for people who supposedly have " years of tracking [Apple's] strategic product moves" they seem woefully unaware of products that Apple has out right now, much less where Apple is heading. For instance, they predict a whole new "home server" product/market to dish out your movies and music. Time Capsule could do that with a couple of firmware updates. And it's already out there.


The biggest thing is that they're seeing seven or eight major products at Apple's core where really there's just a few, at most. The illogic of Apple doing Geek Squad-style home installs or pumping out digital picture frames and media-streaming clock radios aside (yes Forrester really suggests all of those things), stuff is converging (or trying to), not multiplying and splintering. Macs, Apple TV and the iPhone cover most of what Forrester is proposing is the future of Apple and in a far less complicated way than they're imagining—what's missing is the content, but that's a wider problem, beyond and outside of Apple (and anyone else trying to make god boxes for the living room).

Here's our take on 2013: Fewer boxes and gadgets, more integration, more seamlessly. Can we get our six figures now? [Forrester]

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